This is My Face!

  • I paint stuff

  • I design stuff

  • I love Superman

  • Mexican food is my love language

  • ...or coffee

  • ...or ice cream

  • I also take photos of stuff!

For the Engaged!

(or just really in love)

I want to grab coffee and talk about your love story. Let's go hang out for an hour or so, and maybe take some photos along the way. I believe in belly laughs and simple moments -- no awkward prom poses or trendy-Instagram-filtered edits here!

For The Senior!

Senior year is an awesome time in your life, and you're making lots of decisions! One of them should be to choose a photographer who takes into account what you like! Whether you're a football player, an expert trombone player, or just a really great student, let's make your senior photos reflect how much hard work you've put in these last 4 years. 

For the Person In Need of Out-of-the-box design work!

I don't want to be like everyone else, which is why my designs aren't like everyone else's. I want to make you stand out from the crowd. Period.

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