A few weeks ago, when Kyle asked me to take pictures of his proposal to Stephanie, I couldn't say yes fast enough! Getting to be a part of this was such an honor and a blessing, and prepping for it was so much fun! Kyle's love for Stephanie really shone through as we sat in a coffee shop and he thought through every little detail. From the pink rose and hydrangea bouquet (see pic ;) ) , to the ring in the music box, everything was coming together. It was so fun to receive texts from Kyle with videos of the pink music box he had made to hold the ring playing "Tale As Old As Time" from Beauty and the Beast, and to hear that he had arranged for Stephanie's coworkers at the flower shop to make the bouquet. 

The day before Kyle had planned to propose, Kyle called the location that he had reserved to propose and found that maintenance was scheduled for the same time. For four weeks, the plan had been centered around the gazebo that now had construction planned for the weekend. Because Kyle is a planner, he already had a plan B. Via text, we figured out a new location and planned to meet there early the next day to get everything set up. 

It was finally Sunday the 24th, and Kyle was so excited that I wasn't even sure that he would be able to wait until it was the time that we had planned. He had a picnic basket prepared in the trunk of his car, complete with a baguette and sparkling apple cider, and, of course, the ring. As I drove to the the plan B location, I found myself driving in circles as my GPS tried to take me down roads that had been ripped up thanks to that good 'ol Boise construction. I tried several alternate routes to no avail. Just an hour away from the time we had planned, I called Kyle from a parking lot, and decided to meet at the plan C location, Kathryn Albertson Park. 

God was definitely planning something special, because Kathryn Albertson Park ended up being perfect. Kyle set up the picnic in a hidden spot off of one of the paths at the back of the park. He sprinkled rose petals along the path to the picnic, and I hid in the bushes. As the two walked from where Kyle had told Stephanie's family to drop her off, I could hardly contain my excitement. And then it all happened! Kyle proposed. (I think the pictures do this part more justice, so I'll just leave it at that.)