I want to document all of the laughs, the tears, the kisses, and that little twinkle you get in your eye only when you look at your significant other. I want to get coffee with you, sit down, and hear your story from start to finish -- all of the messy little details, the hard times and the beautiful moments. I want you to have photos on your wall that you cherish forever, that your grandkids look at when you're 80 and say "Wow! You guys were cute and a lot less wrinkly!" Let me be there for the double-chinned belly laughs and all the sweet in-between moments. Let's go on an adventure, find a new place to shoot, and just document it as we go!


How It Works

1. Booking

Upon inquiry, you receive my cool pricing guide as well as total permission to pick my brain about any other questions you may have. We can then look at dates that work with our schedules, and confirm a date on the calendar! That’s it! It’s less stress than trying to figure out what you’ll wear!


2. Guidance

Before your session, we’ll get to know each other more, and I’ll start to figure out your style as a couple! We will talk about what kind of emotion and location matches the two of you!

You’ll also receive my custom Couples Guide, that helps with one of the biggest questions I get (“What Do I WEAR?”), as well as print package options, and other FAQ’s!

3. Session Time!

I love incorporating movement and prompts to get fun laughter and get away from those stiff poses that everyone hates! I never expect my couples to be models. I watch how the two of you interact; if you are a couple who loves PDA, we focus on more intimate interactions — if you are more about the laughter, we focus on that! This ensures that YOUR photos look like YOU! (weird thought, right?)

Feel free to bring “props” (picnic, car, blankets, coffee, etc.) that can be fun to incorporate into your shoot!



$350 Includes:

1-2 hour session

~40 photos

Digital Gallery

Outfit Guide

1-2 Locations

Full Printing Rights

Optional Print Packages